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Nenko Interactive - Bubble Tube 200 cm with wireless switch

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Bubble units are essential in every multisensory room or area. Our bubble units are: visually attractive due to the changing, colored light soothing by the movement of the bubbles relaxing by the heat and vibration of the tube maintenance friendly by LED lighting.
The bubble column is equipped with ...
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Bubble units are essential in every multisensory room or area. Our bubble units are: visually attractive due to the changing, colored light soothing by the movement of the bubbles relaxing by the heat and vibration of the tube maintenance friendly by LED lighting.
The bubble column is equipped with a 12V transformer and LED light. The light changes automatically (4 colors). The tube has a diameter of 15 cm. The interactive Nenko contactor is included. You can control the color of all interactiv items in the sensory area and the bubbles in the bubble column. Equipped not only with color buttons but also a rainbow button and a button to manage the bubbles. Size : 25 x 21 x 6 cm.
Base : 43 x 35 x 12,5 cm H. Height 200 cm including base.
White color. Contains 30L water (not included). Cette colonne à bulles contient environ 30L d'eau. Bleach tablets included.


Size (lxwxh):15 x 200 cm / 43 x 35 x 12,5 cm + 25 x 21 x 6 cm
Power:220V 12V / 220V - 5V

FAQs Nenko Interactive - Bubble Tube 200 cm with wireless switch

The bubble unit does not diffuse light (anymore)?

If your LED bulb is defective, replace it with the LED lamp. We advise you to keep a spare one. These lamps are available at Nenko. The LED lamp can not exceed 12V / AC 5W, to avoid plugin transformer overload. The LED lamp is preset with a slow change of RGB colors.

The bubble unit is leaking?

Check for cracks in the tube. To avoid further damage, empty the bubble unit and contact us. Remove the base cover (by unscrewing the 4 screws) to check that the hoses are connected properly. Check if the check valves are working properly, the water should not get into the hoses of the base.

The bubble unit no longer emits bubbles?

When you have turned off the bubble unit, it will take longer before it emits bubbles, because the pump must push the air and the water that stagnates at the top of the hoses. Check that you hear the engine noise before contacting us. Do you use tap water with chlorine tablets or demineralised water? Is your air stone clogged with limestone? After these checks, please fill in the aftersales form which you can find on our website under Customer Service.

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