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Nenko Interactive - Bubble Tube 175 x15 cm

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Bubble units are essential in any snoezel room or snoezel corner. Our bubble units are: visually attractive due to the changing, colored light, soothing due to the movement of the bubbles, relaxing due to the heat and vibration of the tube, maintenance-friendly due to LED lighting
Nenko bubble tubes...
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Bubble units are essential in any snoezel room or snoezel corner. Our bubble units are: visually attractive due to the changing, colored light, soothing due to the movement of the bubbles, relaxing due to the heat and vibration of the tube, maintenance-friendly due to LED lighting
Nenko bubble tubes feature a 12 Volt transformer, maintenance-friendly LED lighting and white, rectangular base.

Dimensions base: 35 x 43 x 13,5 cm high, colour white.

Note: If the Bubble Unit is already filled, it must never be tilted and/or moved.

This product cannot be cancelled/revoked/returned for hygiene reasons or because it is specially made to measure and/or colour!


Size (lxwxh):35 x 43 x 175 cm
Power:220V - 12V

FAQs Nenko Interactive - Bubble Tube 175 x15 cm

The bubble unit does not diffuse light (anymore)?

If your LED bulb is defective, replace it with the LED lamp. We advise you to keep a spare one. These lamps are available at Nenko. The LED lamp can not exceed 12V / AC 5W, to avoid plugin transformer overload. The LED lamp is preset with a slow change of RGB colors.

Is the bubble unit made out of glas ?

No, the bubble unit is made of plexiglass

The bubble unit no longer emits bubbles? 2.0

Could you please check if the adjusting valve is not completely closed? If that is not the case and the problem persists, we kindly request you to report a repair via the following link:

The bubble unit is leaking?

Check for cracks in the tube. To avoid further damage, empty the bubble unit and contact us. Remove the base cover (by unscrewing the 4 screws) to check that the hoses are connected properly. Check if the check valves are working properly, the water should not get into the hoses of the base.

The bubble unit no longer emits bubbles?

When you have turned off the bubble unit, it will take longer before it emits bubbles, because the pump must push the air and the water that stagnates at the top of the hoses. Check that you hear the engine noise before contacting us. Do you use tap water with chlorine tablets or demineralised water? Is your air stone clogged with limestone? After these checks, please fill in the aftersales form which you can find on our website under Customer Service.

How can I clean the Bubble Unit if it has rarely been cleaned?

Empty the bubble unit (tip! Article 20605960);
Rinse the tube thoroughly with warm water;
Use a soft bottle brush to gently clean the inside of the tube;
Let the bubble unit bubble overnight in cleaning vinegar; this will loosen everything;
Rinse the bubble unit again;
Fill the bubble unit with demineralized water or water with chlorine tablets.

My bubble unit no longer gives bubbles, but the light is working, what could be the cause of this?

It could be because the pump has burned out by using wrong adapter. Check that you are using the original adapter with the correct technical data with AC / AC current. If you have any doubt, please always contact Nenko.

Is a switch panel or interactive cube necessary to change the colours of this bubble unit?

No, the bubble unit colours change automatically. The switch panel and the Interactive Cube only make the bubble unit Interactive. Interactive means that you can adjust the colours yourself.

How do I empty a bubble unit?

You can fill and empty the bubble units with the bubble tube water pump. This water pump has been specially developed by Nenko to make filling and emptying a bubble tube easier. Check out our website at the water pump (20601960) for more information.

How do I clean the Bubble Unit?

1. Empty the bubble unit with our bubble tube water pump (20601960);2. We recommend adding vinegar to the bottom of the bubble unit and letting it soak overnight. This is especially for the lime at the bottom; 3. Then remove the vinegar and refill with water yourself. This is also possible with our bubble tube water pump (20601960). The tube itself can be cleaned well with a soft brush and warm water.

The bubble unit does make noise, the colorchanging is visible but there are no bubbles?

The air valve may not be open. The air valve is the screw on the front of the Bubble Unit. You can open and close this yourself to regulate the bubbles.

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Disinfection tablets Bubble Tubes - Set of 5 In connection with the prevention of bacteria in tap water and to keep the water fresh and clean, we recommend using demineralized water or water with chlorine tablets. Fill the bubble unit with tap water and add pure chlorine tablets;
* 1 tablet of 1.8 grams per 10 liters of water (this may smell unpleasant in the beginning).
The active chlorine wears off after about 1 to 3 months.
Collar for Bubble Tube 15 cm By using a wall bracket, you can additionally protect the bubble unit against the risk of tipping over. Place the wall bracket on the wall and around the top of the pipe. Applicable up to a heart size from the wall of at least 26 cm to a maximum of 38 cm.
Pump for filling / emptying Bubble units With this pump you can quickly replace the water in the bubble units. This pump is only intended for filling / emptying water. Indoor use only.
Wallbracket from wood for Bubbelunit 15cm diameter Distance from wall to center of opening: 50 cm. This bracket can be customized if necessary. Shorten it so that the bubble unit can be closer to the wall.
Bracket Dimensions: 34 x 21 x 11 cm
Shelf Dimensions: 25 x 59 x 2 cm
Mobile tray for Bubble Tube This tray allows a easy movement of the bubble unit when filled with water.
Place the bubble unit on the tray, fill it with water, and move the bubble unit to any desired location.

Please note that the bubble unit should only be removed from the tray when it is empty to prevent possible cracks in the plastic tube.

The tray is only suitable for decorative use and should be supervised to prevent the risk of the bubble unit tipping over.

The stand is made of 18mm thick lacquered birch wood. Make sure the bubble unit is not included.
Nenko Interactive - Microphone Wireless control of sensory products by making sound! Change the colour intensity by making sound in this microphone, or change the complete colour. A great way to encourage the making of sound or talking interactively. This microphone not only responds to sound, but it also has a great new function: the silence function! Not detecting sound causes products to react. Silence and tranquility in the room is rewarded by the activation of products. Applicable to the Nenko interactive products. Includes rechargeable battery and charging cable.
Nenko Interactive - Wireless controller Wirelessly control the colours of all interactive Nenko products in the room.
Nenko Interactive - Cube A super fun and essential product within the Nenko Interactive program. This wireless, soft cube has six brightly coloured surfaces (Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow and Pink) and by rolling the cube, the colour of the Nenko Interactive products present changes into the colour that is on top. No PC or programs needed. Can be combined with Nenko Interactive products such as light source, bubble units, LED spots and strips, light bulb and depth mirror. Equipped with built-in rechargeable battery and accompanying USB charger.
Nenko Interactive - Rainbow Bumpas An immense xylophone; Soft Play in combination with music! Colored, entertaining, interactive and it sounds as good as it looks. The large size makes music accessible and fun to play together. The set of 6 panels can also be used as a switch. All Nenko Interactive products in the room can be changed to the same colour (colours as shown) with just one touch on a panel. Product is mounted on the wall and consists of 6 separate panels with connecting wires, a control unit and a set of speakers, both of which can be installed on a shelf or in a cabinet, for example.
Dimensions: 10 x 30 x 115 cm per panel, 180 cm wide in total.

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