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Interactive Pup - Golden Item number: 29108810
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Wir brauchen sie jetzt noch mehr als sonst, wenn es keine Besucher mehr gibt, also wollen wir den Menschen etwas zurückgeben, die derzeit Schwierigkeiten haben und isoliert werden...

The Golden Pup has all the love in the world to give but it won't chew up your slipper! Thanks to built-in sen...
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Wir brauchen sie jetzt noch mehr als sonst, wenn es keine Besucher mehr gibt, also wollen wir den Menschen etwas zurückgeben, die derzeit Schwierigkeiten haben und isoliert werden...

The Golden Pup has all the love in the world to give but it won't chew up your slipper! Thanks to built-in sensors and speakers the pup can recreate some of the more delightful moments of owning a dog including being a best friend for aging loved ones.Is part of the range Ageless Innovations - Joy for All - Companion Pets.

Pros and Cons

  • Very interactive lifelike in sound and movement
  • The pup cannot be cleaned with water due to electronics


Size (lxwxh):45 cm
Batteries (number x type):4 x C
Batteries included:Yes



Can you turn the pet off?
Yes. Under a velcroed flap on its stomach, there is a switch with ON, MUTE, OFF.

Will the Pets shed?
Just like a real Pet, some shedding can be expected.

How long will the batteries last?
It will vary from user to user depending on how much they interact with their dog.

Are Companion Pets just an expensive toy?
The Companion Pets are life-like interactive pets designed specifically to bring companionship, happiness, and joy to aging loved ones. We do not consider JOY FOR ALL Pets to be a toy. Our Companion Pets are designed for an older demographic who want to enjoy the fun and companionship of a pet, without assuming the responsibilities and expense of taking care of a real pet.

How are Companion Pets powered?
Companion Pet Cats and Pups are powered by four C batteries (included).

Who would enjoy having a Companion Pet in their life?
We believe that people of all ages and background would enjoy having a Companion Pet in their lives. Some specific use cases include people who:

Would enjoy being entertained by and engaging with a life-like pet
Dont want to assume the responsibilities and expense of taking care of a real pet
Arent able to take care of a real pet due to living environment or personal circumstances

What are Companion Pets?
Companion Pets are life-like interactive pets created to bring companionship, happiness and fun to your aging loved ones. These life-like, motion-sensor-enabled plush pets are furry, friendly, low-maintenance companions that look, feel and sound like real Cats and Pups. And, they are unique as affordable, realistic, and interactive animatronic pets created to appeal to aging loved ones.

How do I clean the pets?
Brush regularly with the supplied brush and if necessary, you can clean the fur with a damp cloth. Do not clean with a soaked cloth or immerse it in water, as the electronics cannot withstand this and will be damaged.


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