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One task box - Shapes

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Simple shape sorter. The player learns to distinguish between four different shapes. Contains 4 different shapes, 8 pieces in total.

Tasks that are made within the framework of a uniform plastic box. The tasks have a clear beginning and a closed end.

The One-box tasks are specifically developed f...
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Simple shape sorter. The player learns to distinguish between four different shapes. Contains 4 different shapes, 8 pieces in total.

Tasks that are made within the framework of a uniform plastic box. The tasks have a clear beginning and a closed end.

The One-box tasks are specifically developed for children/young adults with autism and focus on development.Adults and the elderly with a lower mental level can perform the tasks to maintain skills or as a relaxing activity. The One Box Tasks often consist of shorter tasks to ensure that the client can maintain concentration while working. By offering several short tasks you keep it more interesting for the client, so that the client can concentrate longer and also develop. There are also tasks that take a little longer to complete and tasks in which the facilitator can make an adjustment so that the tasks can vary in duration. There are also tasks that function as motivational tasks.

This task box must always be made under the supervision of a supervisor/adult. Due to small parts, it is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Pros and Cons

  • CE approved
  • The task boxes are easy to wash
  • Durable, high-quality material
  • Suitable for various target groups, ages and development levels
  • Only available in the colour white


Size (lxwxh):34 x 19 x 13 cm
Age indication (years/length):3+

FAQs One task box - Shapes

What is the TEACCH method and how can the one-box tasks help?

This is a method in which people with a disorder in the autistic spectrum are guided through the day in a structured way and where they try to teach them something. This method also pays a lot of attention to the transitions between the different parts of an day.

An aid to the TEACCH method are the one-box tasks / task boxes. These are boxes with compartments containing all kinds of different materials. Each box contains a game with a clear beginning and end that stimulates a certain area of ??development. The game is played by going through the squares in a structured way, from left to right. All materials used for this remain in the box. The materials therefore do not end up next to the box, which ensures that it does not become chaotic for the player of the task. Learning to sort by shape or color is an example of such a task.

Does the one-task boxes also have a quality mark?

The materials have been tested and have a CE mark. The packaging are also labeled CE.

What are the advantages of a one-box job over a job made from

One-task boxes made of plastic are more hygienic to use than task boxes made from shoe boxes. In addition, the shoe boxes are not always uniform, cluttered and wear out faster. An advantage of the One-box tasks is that they are easy to stack and therefore take up little space.

The One-task boxes are made of high-quality plastic, which makes them very difficult to break.

What is a one task box and for which target group are they suitable?

One task box are developmental game material that is unique in its kind due to a clear start and end of the task. Each box contains a game that stimulates a certain area of ??development, such as sorting colors or shapes. Our range consists of task boxes that are suitable for various target groups such as:

People with autism
People with intellectual disabilities
People with a muscle disease / motor disability
Elderly people suffering from dementia

Our task boxes are therefore suitable for different (developmental) ages and levels of development.

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