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Projection : Projectors & Effect Wheels

Some projectors display a unique image or effect like the water or stars. An effect projector like the Nenko projector enables you to project part of a selected effect wheel on a ceiling or a wall.

For the ultimate experience aim the projector at a light colored wall or projection screen/surfcae and darken the room as much as possible.
Nenko LED Projector Nenko LED Projector Excl. VAT 419,00 23157130 Space Projector Space Projector Excl. VAT 130,50 17460130 Space Projector - Saver Pack Space Projector - Saver Pack Excl. VAT 215,00 19743130 Water Effects Projector Water Effects Projector Excl. VAT 239,00 20777134 Laser Sky Projector Laser Sky Projector Excl. VAT 179,00 19908130 LED Projector - Saver Pack 1 LED Projector - Saver Pack 1 Excl. VAT 629,00 22510130 New Magnetic Effect Wheel - Autumn Magnetic Effect Wheel - Autumn Excl. VAT 48,95 23145130 Magnetic Effect Wheel - Autumn Magnetic Effect Wheel - Autumn Excl. VAT 48,95 22351130 New Magnetic Effect Wheel - Butterflies Magnetic Effect Wheel - Butterflies Excl. VAT 48,95 23139130 New Magnetic Effect Wheel - Clouds Magnetic Effect Wheel - Clouds Excl. VAT 48,95 23143130 Magnetic Effect Wheel - Deep Magnetic Effect Wheel - Deep Excl. VAT 48,95 22364130 New Magnetic Effect Wheel - Earth Magnetic Effect Wheel - Earth Excl. VAT 48,95 23150130 New Magnetic Effect Wheel - Flowers Magnetic Effect Wheel - Flowers Excl. VAT 48,95 23140130 Magnetic Effect Wheel - Safari Magnetic Effect Wheel - Safari Excl. VAT 48,95 22345130 Magnetic Effect Wheel - Spring Magnetic Effect Wheel - Spring Excl. VAT 48,95 22349130 Magnetic Effect Wheel - Summer Magnetic Effect Wheel - Summer Excl. VAT 48,95 22350130 Magnetic Effect Wheel - Tropical Birds Magnetic Effect Wheel - Tropical Birds Excl. VAT 48,95 22343130 Magnetic Effect Wheel - Tropical Fish Magnetic Effect Wheel - Tropical Fish Excl. VAT 48,95 22367130 Magnetic Effect Wheel - Winter Magnetic Effect Wheel - Winter Excl. VAT 48,95 22352130 Magnetic Effect Wheels - Butterfly Magnetic Effect Wheels - Butterfly Excl. VAT 48,95 22363130 Magnetic Effect Wheels - Cloud Magnetic Effect Wheels - Cloud Excl. VAT 48,95 22353130 Magnetic Effect Wheels - Flowers Magnetic Effect Wheels - Flowers Excl. VAT 48,95 22357130 Magnetic Effect Wheels - Whales Magnetic Effect Wheels - Whales Excl. VAT 48,95 22368130 Magnetic Liquid Mood Wheels - Aqua-Green Magnetic Liquid Mood Wheels - Aqua-Green Excl. VAT 71,90 22375130 Magnetic Liquid Wheel - Organic Magnetic Liquid Wheel - Organic Excl. VAT 71,90 22356130 Magnetic Liquid Wheel - Soft Colours Magnetic Liquid Wheel - Soft Colours Excl. VAT 71,90 22354130 Magnetic Liquid Wheel - Strong Colours Magnetic Liquid Wheel - Strong Colours Excl. VAT 71,90 22355130 Wireless Magnetic Wheel Rotator Wireless Magnetic Wheel Rotator Excl. VAT 54,95 22614130 New 100 LED Projector - Saver Pack 1 100 LED Projector - Saver Pack 1 Excl. VAT 499,00 22512130 Aura Projector Aura Projector Excl. VAT 199,00 21507130 Aura Projector - Saver Pack Aura Projector - Saver Pack Excl. VAT 289,00 21508130 Effectwheel Avalon Dawn Effectwheel Avalon Dawn Excl. VAT 48,95 22366130 Effectwheel In the Country Effectwheel In the Country Excl. VAT 48,95 22369130 New Effectwheel Space Effectwheel Space Excl. VAT 48,95 22370130 New Effectwheel Stained Glass Effectwheel Stained Glass Excl. VAT 48,95 22362130 New Effectwheel The Weather Effectwheel The Weather Excl. VAT 48,95 22365130 LED projector - Saver Pack 2 LED projector - Saver Pack 2 Excl. VAT 699,00 22511130 New Magnetic Effect Wheel - Sunrise Magnetic Effect Wheel - Sunrise Excl. VAT 48,95 22344130 New Nenko LED Projector - Saver pack 1 Nenko LED Projector - Saver pack 1 Excl. VAT 475,00 23158130 New Nenko LED Projector - Saver pack 2 Nenko LED Projector - Saver pack 2 Excl. VAT 549,00 23159130 Nenko LED Projector - Saver Pack 3 Nenko LED Projector - Saver Pack 3 Excl. VAT 559,00 23160130 Space Projector - Liquid wheels set Space Projector - Liquid wheels set Excl. VAT 89,00 17461130 Space Projector Wheel - Coastal Space Projector Wheel - Coastal Excl. VAT 18,95 21819130 Space Projector Wheel - Counting Sheep Space Projector Wheel - Counting Sheep Excl. VAT 18,95 21818130 Watereffect spot Watereffect spot Excl. VAT 99,00 28701111 Gift Idea Magnetic Effect Wheel - Seasoned Woods Magnetic Effect Wheel - Seasoned Woods Excl. VAT 48,95 22358130 Space Projector Wheel - Countryside Space Projector Wheel - Countryside Excl. VAT 18,95 59591130 Space Projector Wheel - Vehicles Space Projector Wheel - Vehicles Excl. VAT 18,95 59588130 Space Projector Wheel - Zoo Space Projector Wheel - Zoo Excl. VAT 18,95 59587130 100 LED Projector + Wheel Rotator 100 LED Projector + Wheel Rotator Excl. VAT 434,00 22612130 New 100 LED Projector - Saver Pack 2 100 LED Projector - Saver Pack 2 Excl. VAT 579,00 22513130 LED Projector + Wheel rotator LED Projector + Wheel rotator Excl. VAT 569,00 22611130 Shelf Cloud Shelf Cloud Excl. VAT 119,00 20773074 Space Projector Diapack - Celebration Space Projector Diapack - Celebration Excl. VAT 18,95 21821130 Space Projector Diapack - Fairy Tales Space Projector Diapack - Fairy Tales Excl. VAT 18,95 21820130
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FOR DUTCH CUSTOMERS: With iDEAL you can settle your online purchases safely, easily and securely. iDEAL is the system that you link directly to your online banking program when making an online purchase. To use iDEAL you do not have to register, download files or create an account. If you use internet banking at ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank or Van Lanschot Bankiers, you can pay directly with iDEAL. You quickly and easily pay in the familiar internet payment environment of your own bank. Pay as you're used to.
With a credit card you can pay securely on the internet. You pay with the information on your credit card (MasterdCard, Maestro or Visa): - the name on the card - the card number, shown centrally on the front of your credit card - the expiration date (the month and year of the expiration date are on the front) - the validation code on Visa or MasterdCard (CVV or CVC) is a three-digit code on the back of your card. This code is an additional security check.
With PayPal, online payment is secure and protected. You do not have to keep your credit card at hand to make payment. Your bank account or credit card number is already stored securely in your PayPal account, so it is not necessary to enter your data endlessly. With PayPal you only need your e-mail address and password and you can safely pay online within a few clicks. PayPal is free for you as a buyer.
A transfer means that you transfer the money in advance via a regular bank transfer. You will receive an e-mail from Buckaroo with the bank account number, name of the beneficiary and of course the amount to be transferred. You need to transfer the amount within 7 days via a regular bank transfer.
As soon as we have confirmation of the moneytransfer, your order will be processed. If we have not received payment within 7 days your order will be canceled.
Note: during this period the delivery time of certain products may be changed!
You can deposit the amount shown on the order confirmation within 7 days into the account below. Tonce the amount is trnasferred and visible in our account the order will be sent, provided the product(s) are in stock.

For international customers : Nenko BV - Zaltbommel
ABN AMRO 's-Hertogenbosch
IBAN Account number: NL54 ABNA 0539 2160 89

For Belgium: Nenko BVBA - Vorst-Laakdal
Fortis Bank Geel
IBAN Account number: 230-05-24640-84

Please make sure that your order confirmation number is always mentioned with your payment!
An invoice will be sent to the billing address after sending your order. The payment term is 14 days.

Depending on the amount of the account, we can choose not to accept a payment option offered.
no information available
FOR BELGIAN CUSTOMERS: Bancontact / Mister Cash determines how the money is moved from a payer's account to the account of a recipient. For a cardholder, the practical execution thereof takes place via the bank that issued its card (the issuer), for a merchant via the supplier of its payment terminal or online payment solution (the acquirer). This is done in 3 steps: 1. Control When a customer enters his PIN code, the verification takes place. We check whether there is enough money in the cardholder's account to make the payment. With a positive answer, the authorization for the payment is given. With a negative answer, the transaction stops here. 2. Calculation The exchange of financial information between issuer and acquirer takes place here. We calculate which balance must be paid exactly. 3. Processing Finally, the actual payment is executed. Issuers are debited, acquirers are credited and the correct amount reaches the right person.
no information available
no information available
Do you want to be sure that the products ordered by you will actually be invoiced this year? We will then ensure that you do not encounter budget technical problems and that your budget of this year can be used even when products are not available at the moment.
AfterPay - Postpay (FOR DUTCH CUSTOMERS). AfterPay carries out the complete post-payment process for Nenko.nl. This means that you will receive a payment overview from AfterPay to pay the payment within 14 days. With the AfterPay App you can view and pay this payment overview, safely and very easily from your smartphone. In the online environment My AfterPay you can manage your payment statements from your computer or tablet. AfterPay keeps you informed via push notifications & e-mail when a payment overview is ready for you. To approve your request for postpay, AfterPay carries out a data check. AfterPay applies a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement. In the unlikely event that your request for payment with AfterPay is not authorized, you can of course pay your order with another payment method. You can always contact AfterPay for questions. For more information we refer you to AfterPay. - An extra € 0.99 is charged for use of AfterPay