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4 in1 Aroma Diffuser

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The Yunique 4-in-1 aroma vaporizer offers various options for air purification, relaxation and well-being.
With this beautiful aroma vaporizer made of light wood and glass, you can easily combine a wonderful scent with soothing music and slight colour changes. The Yunique 4-in-1 aroma vaporizer is b...
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The Yunique 4-in-1 aroma vaporizer offers various options for air purification, relaxation and well-being.
With this beautiful aroma vaporizer made of light wood and glass, you can easily combine a wonderful scent with soothing music and slight colour changes. The Yunique 4-in-1 aroma vaporizer is both an aroma diffuser and a music player, humidifier, ionizer and light and mist effect in one. Including timer function (1 or 5 hours) and interval mode in which the diffuser vaporizes for 5 minutes for 10 hours and alternates with 5 minutes of rest. The diffusor has 5 adjustable lighting colours, but you can also alternate these colours or switch off the light. In terms of sound, you can choose to play standard pre-programmed Eastern relaxation music (can be turned on or off) or to play your own music from your own source (MP3 player, I-pod or radio). The cable for this is included.
Aroma diffusion
The aroma atomizer works with ultrasonic technology. This divides the water and essential oil into millions of microparticles. A very fine water vapor is created that comes out of the aroma atomizer as a mist. This aroma mist spreads very quickly through the room. This not only spreads the scent of the essential oil, but also the effect of the oil. Because every essential oil has its own effect. So you can vape different scents at different times. For example, lavender oil if you want to relax. An energizing oil like citrus and rosemary when you're at work or need to keep your head up. A wonderful autumn, winter or Christmas scent. Happiness mix oil to make you happy or a cozy citrus or flower oil.
In addition to the scent and effect of the essential oil, the water vapor is also spread. This immediately humidifies the room. Dry air often occurs in the winter when the heating is on and in air-conditioned rooms. Dry air can cause various ailments such as dry skin and dry lips.
Air purification
This electric aroma diffuser has an ionizing effect: the air quality improves due to more negative ions in the air.
Adapter: 24 Volt, 650 mA
Energy: 15 Watt
Moisture evaporation: 70+/- 10 ml./hour
Room range: 40 m2
Including remote control.
This appliance may be used by children aged from 8 years and above and/or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they are supervised. For decorative use only


Size (lxwxh):22 x 16 cm

FAQs 4 in1 Aroma Diffuser

The diffusor does not work properly

If the spreader does not work correctly, unplug it from the main supply to do the following: Check if mineral or tap water was used (no purified or distilled water). Check the level of the water tank. Maybe it's empty or just too full.

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Essential oil - Geranium - 5 ml Fragrance: floral, feminine, warm. Effect: balancing, relaxing, comforting, protective.
Use: aroma care, cosmetics, in the room.
Helps with: impure / dry / stressed skin, nervous tension, female problems when something is out of balance.
Provides: balance, patience, strength, protection.
The scent of the geranium is delicious and very feminine. It strengthens your own protection, restores patience and strength and creates a harmonious atmosphere.
Botanical name: Pelargonium x asperum
Drops in 50 ml base/seed oil: 15
Essential Oil - Ho leaf - 5 ml
Let yourself be transported to a world of calmness and relaxation with this gentle and woody-floral essential oil. Ideal for individuals with limitations and dementia, as well as those dealing with ADHD or concentration issues. Ho wood oil is derived from the Chinese laurel tree and has a high content of linalool, which provides a relaxing and mood-enhancing effect. It is also highly tolerable and useful for winter-related complaints. Add five drops to 50ml of base or carrier oil to create a balanced and inspiring effect. Available as a single oil in organic quality, cruelty-free, and vegan. Perfect for therapy lessons and care facilities to diffuse a gentle and floral scent that offers tranquility and relaxation.
Essential oil pine - 5ml The soft and spicy scent of the Scots pine is the most commonly used essential oil of the coniferous trees in aromatherapy. The essential oil of the organic wild pine refreshes and revitalizes the head after strenuous work and gives new energy. Like an extended walk in the woods, it regenerates the mind and makes you want to take on new ventures.
Botanical name: Pinus sylvestris
Drops in 50 ml base/seed oil: 12
Fragrance mixture - Positive learning 5ml If children find it difficult to sit still and concentrate on a task, the right scents can provide valuable support. Selected essential oils from citrus fruits, fir, etc. can create a positive learning atmosphere and help when it comes to learning fun and focus. Ideal for homework, exams and other mental work. A perfect companion for school on a scented stone, for use in a scent lamp/nebulizer for other learning places. Ventilate well before/after. For a carefree school time. Put 10-15 drops on a fragrance stone or in a diffuser.
Fragrance mixture Lemongrass atmosphere 5ml New vitality for the indoor air. When the atmosphere in the room needs an intensive wash, the lemon-fresh natural fragrance mixture with lemongrass essential oil is just the right cleaner. To neutralize unpleasant odors and remove bad energies. With 100% natural essential oils (lemongrass, frankincense, lemon, eucalyptus globulus and others). Put 10-15 drops on a fragrance stone or in a diffuser.
Fragrance mixture Lavender good night - 5ml Let go of thoughts, leave the day behind and wrap yourself in the soothing arms of well-deserved relaxation. Like no other fragrance, the natural fragrance blend with lavender makes it easier to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep. A loyal helper for anyone who has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. With 100% natural essential oils (lavender, vanilla, bergamot, orange, tonka etc.) Put 10-15 drops on a fragrance stone or in a fragrance diffuser.
Fragrance Orange blossom relaxation - 5ml When your mind keeps spinning, with restlessness and tension, the fresh, bittersweet scent of orange blossom helps you to calm down and relax. With 100% natural essential oils (neroli, lavender, orange, melissa, etc.).
Fragrance Iris cuddly soft - 5 ml A sparkle for the mind and soul. The scent envelops you like a soft cloud. The soft scent of the floral iris is an atmospheric companion to enjoy the moment, to cuddle and to spoil. With 100% natural essential oils (iris, vanilla, mimosa, mandarin, rose, sandalwood, etc.).
FragranceBergamot joy of life - 5 ml A fragrance that lifts your mood - on to the bright side of life! Like a ray of sunshine that falls directly into the heart, the soft, fruity-floral natural fragrance blend brightens the soul, makes you happy and makes gloomy thoughts fade away. Just for pure joy of life! With 100% natural essential oils (bergamot, geranium, osmanthus and others).
Fragrance Rose anti-stress - 5 ml Une pause parfumée et bienfaisante au quotidien qui favorise votre bien-être. Aide à se calmer et à apaiser et la force dans un moment de calme. Aux huiles essentielles 100% pures (dont rose, géranium rosat, bois de rose et bergamote).
Aroma Mixture - Clean Air - 5 ml Reliably and safely cleans the air in the room thanks to a unique formula of 18 proven essential oils with a purifying effect. A powerful aid for reliable air purification in living, working and transit areas (e.g. elevator, hall) or when change of people in the meeting or therapy room. The fresh, woody forest scent purifies the air in the room and promotes well-being. Put 10-15 drops on a fragrance stone or in an aroma diffuser.
Aroma Set of 4 essential Oils Discover the ultimate fragrance set with 4 essential oils, specially formulated to promote tranquility and suitable for both adults and children with ADHD. These carefully selected oils are also perfect for use in healthcare facilities, where a calm and relaxed atmosphere is of great importance.

Each fragrance set contains a harmonious blend of natural oils with calming and stress-reducing properties. Create a serene environment in your home, office, or healthcare facility and experience the benefits of aromatherapy for the body and mind.

The content may vary. Whether you are seeking a moment of peace for yourself, aiming to create a pleasant environment for children with ADHD, or looking to provide a calming atmosphere in a healthcare setting, our essential oil fragrance set offers a natural and safe solution.

Please note: The content may vary, but the calming effect is always guaranteed.
Aroma Set of 4 Aroma Mixtures Set of 4 5 ml oil fragrance blends. The set consists of the scents:
Lavender good night (lavender, vanilla, bergamot, orange, tonka and others)
Bergamot joie de vivre ((bergamot, geranium, osmanthus and others).
Orange blossom relaxation (neroli, lavender, orange, melissa and others).
Iris cuddly soft ( iris, vanilla, mimosa, mandarin, rose, sandalwood, etc.)

Fragrance mixtures are 100% natural.
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